Vending Service London, Ontario

Vending Services

Prime Vending London provides vending service to local London, Ontario establishments.

Vending Service we provide:

We provide bulk gumball machines, candy machines, combo pop/snack machines and pop machines.

Our bulk candy vending machines can be stocked with Gumballs, Peanut M&Ms, Skittles, Mike & Ikes etc.
We have a variety of candy, sticker, tattoo vending machines suitable for your location in either single, double or triple head machines.

Our combo machines can be stocked with your favourite snacks including potato chips and chocolate bars, canned pop and bottled water.

Our pop machines can be stocked with your favourite Coca-Colaź canned beverages and bottled water.

We install our vending machines, restock, and maintain them at no cost or obligation to your establishment.

Prime Vending London is a locally owned and operated family business.

Prime Vending London is owned and operated by the hard working and professional De Marco family striving to meet your vending needs.

We service the London, Ontario area.

Call or text today 226-973-6927

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